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  • A Wife?

    She’s a strong cup of black coffee in a world that is drunk on the cheap wine of shallow love.


    Wife, that’s a strong title to bear. It comes with a lot of responsibility and it’s only for the strong hearted. Being able to bask in the aroma of the good days, but being able to balance out the bad days. Learning to be submissive and the biggest one of them all is when to BE QUIET.

    I have been out with a lot of women and when I’m with my single friends or meeting new single friends, this always become a topic. There are so many women out there that truly want to get married. It’s the biggest part of their dreams and their fairytale here on earth. Whereas, I love it and think that all women should be able to have what they want, I always want to know are truly prepared.

    Prepared for what? To be the contractor of your family. What I mean by that is, are you ready to make sure you have all the right materials, and have placed all the wood and brick in place to build and keep a home that will last. The man that CHOOSES YOU will be the foundation of your home, but you will be the person that builds and keeps it together.

    That means that the process of building and figuring things out will not be easy, but the outcome will be so well worth it. That means that time together won’t always be laughs and giggles, but the smiles and love felt will make everything ok. That means that the bed won’t always feel like the best place to be, but after the storm is over his chest will be your best resting place.

    Me, personally, I was so afraid of what marriage really was. I was afraid of the idea of truly giving my love to one person and possibly being let down. I was not interested in being submissive to someone that is my equal or being quiet just to keep peace in a home that I would possibly be unhappy in. The single-life is honestly what I THOUGHT I wanted. But, there is always that one person that makes everything ok, and when he finds you it gives you a totally different outlook. You become comfortable in being his partner and you don’t mind being quiet or submissive because he doesn’t make it a dictatorship and because you’re comfortable with him in control of your future. You calm down and get comfortable in holding a family together that includes him, because he may let you down, but he always makes it right. He upholds his end of the bargain and makes you so happy that the spats between you two become a spec and is never easy to remember.

    At least that’s what happened to me! So ladies, your time is coming and you won’t be prepared because when God does it, he makes sure that you didn’t have to choose because he did that for you. When the engagement happens, write down what you want to be and keep it, and watch your happily ever after come to life!

    I love you John Martin and you’re the epitome of what a man, husband, and father should be. You have come into my life and changed my mind and made me so comfortable in what marriage and partnership is. Your love embraces my soul and makes life happen for me. I am so very grateful to have you and would love to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANDSOME! I just pray that I am participating properly in the gift I give you everyday which is being the best wife that I can.



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    1. John Martin
      May 21, 2019 / 10:29 pm

      The woman I fell in love with doesn’t come out often to the public, but I know what God has blessed me with! I thank you for being there for me and being the rock for our family. I’m just 5 years, my world has never been better and I wouldn’t change anything because you were by my side through all of it.! I love you so much!


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