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  • Are You A Vintage Piece?

    The two most powerful warriors are patience and time!

    -Leo Tolstoy-

    I’m clearly on my female empowerment kick right now. In all honesty, I feel like I always really focus on that. Reaching out to women or simply sharing my experiences in hopes that it would possibly help someone else. So, today I want to discuss value and how much it should mean to us. Now, of course because I am so into fashion I wanted to make sure that I used a fashion related analogy, in order to get my point across.

    As women sometimes we get down on ourselves, we are our own biggest critics. It sucks because as much as we may not want to admit it, we need words of affirmation. We need to know that someone other than the people that are supposed to, think we are beautiful, that we look amazing, and most importantly, that we’re worth waiting for. Everyone thought Ayesha Curry was so wrong and crazy for a statement she made in regard to this, when in deed, it’s very true.

    There is one thing that I feel needs a bit of attention. Because some women are single longer than others and can’t seem to find anyone to comfort them, they begin to lose self value. But, does the length of time that you’re single determine your value. Because you are single longer than others, does that mean something is wrong with you or that in some way no one will want you after a certain time of singleness? Not at all, I know what I am about to say is so cliche, but God saves some of his best work for last. I am a true believer in that and you have to believe that, in order to have the confidence to move forward. There are so many women who try so many different things in order to get themselves out of the single boat. What does that lead to? In my opinion, hurt. I have watched so many women throw themselves in hurtful situations just for a title.

    Though, the female species does like to receive assurance, you first have to learn to give it to yourself. A man will treat you how you teach him to. If he can see that you’re confident and know your true value, he will either run because he’s not ready for the job or he will beat you at your own game.

    The fashion portion comes in with this. What is a vintage piece? It’s a piece that’s been around for a while and with time it has only gained value. There is most times only one of that piece and it’s worth so much more than the pieces that are made in bulks. Everyone who knows fashion wants to own at least one vintage piece because they know others will crave it, but will never find it. You are a vintage piece, there is only one you and with time your value has only increased. And when the man that God has for you finally finds that one piece that he’s been looking for, he will appreciate it and hold on to you because he knows that no one else will ever be able to get their hands on it, but many will want it and regret not holding to it!


    Find your value and create a piece that will last a lifetime, one that will hold it’s value and never have a resell price. Stand in your greatness and allow your light to shine because it is one that can never be dimmed. Your beauty is worth more than gold.




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    1. John Martin
      September 24, 2020 / 5:36 pm

      Great read Jai. I love the vintage piece analogy and you’re words will help others!

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