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  • Be the Lift!

    Supporting another’s success won’t ever dampen your own!


    Happy Wealthy Wednesday!

    Yesterday I made a post on how to support one another and it was very important to me. So I decided to dedicate today’s blog to supporting a few people and I am considering doing this more often! I love WOMEN and want to support everything that we do. Today is a day that I will show support to all the beautiful WOMEN OF COLOR! So please read and if in need of any of these PLEASE SUPPORT! All of the following women’s contact info will be listed at the very bottom!

    First up we have Mrs. Ashleigh Williams. This beautiful black woman is the creator of KRAVEABLE KREATIONS! Y’all she makes it all! If you are having a party or any other type of event. Please submit your orders! Her little jars of sweetness are one of my favorites and I could sure go for one or two right now Pearls! I promise you won’t be disappointed! Feel free to go and look her up! Kraveable Kreations: (ig: @kraveablekreations)

    Next up we have Ms. Neesha Denise. This special young lady! She has been doing my hair now for quite sometime. She is very good at what she does and always hits the nail on the head when it comes to my visions. She’s a grinder and does so many things! That said, if you need bundles, or your hair done, a waist trainer, or a diet plan, she has it all! So go visit and schedule your appointment or place your order! She Posh: (ig: @neesha.denise) sheposhcollection.com

    Now, we have my little baby, Ms. Star Sanford. She has been in my life since middle school and when I tell you she has the sweetest spirit EVER! Not only is she sweet as pie, but homegirl can beat a face like no other! She is great at what she does and very versatile. If you’re looking for something creative, she got it, if you’re looking for something natural, believe me she has that too. Please feel free to go and book your appointments! She Styles by Star Make Up: (ig: @shestylesby_star_make_up)

    Up next we have, Ms. Jonte Martin. This very special young lady, who is always finding something to get into! She is always trying to find different ways to be creative and express her own creativeness! She puts a lot of time and work into her talents and when she finds something new, she studies it like no other. Right now we are Jotting with Jonte, and she makes all the signs and beautiful jotting jobs you can think of! Please go explore and enjoy! Jotting with Jonte: (ig: @jottingwithjonte)

    Lastly, we have this powerful woman, Ms. Tysha Rideaux! She is very successful and is the true definition of a hustler! She puts her hand in all types of pots, but what’s crazy is she masters them all! I mean anything you can think of like, selling cars, doing taxes, taking care of vets, opening clinics, notary, and any other business needs you can think of! This WOMAN OF COLOR does it all! Excellent Multiservices: (ig: @excellent_multiservices)

    Always support others, it shows your strength and ability to want for others!



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