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  • Completion


    Completion: the act or process of finishing something.

    So growing up I had this really bad habit of starting things, but never really finishing them. I’m talking physical things, college majors, projects, and relationships. I had an unknown issue with commitment. Due to this issue I was never really able to complete anything. It took me a very long time, I am talking about a loooooooong time to figure out that this was an internal issue that I actually needed to solve before I can begin to evolve career wise and in any relationship.

    When I say relationship I am not only speaking of male/female, but all relationships that I had. Due to a few issues with a certain relationship growing up I always felt that something better would come along or that I should go ahead and leave this before it left or scarred me for life. This became an issue for me or better said something that I noticed was an issue for me because it started to become a habit. I never seemed to possess the spirit of endurance and once I realized that I began to think that I was weak. Not only weak minded, but just a weak person period and that I wasn’t strong enough. Feeling like I was weak became a challenge for me, simply because I am not the kind of person that likes to look or feel weak in front of myself and surely not to anyone else. Considering that I always thought of myself as a strong woman, a woman that can take a punch and serve one, a woman that took no crap, it began to look very strange to me that I couldn’t complete anything. I began to evaluate some things in my life, such as my personal relationships, my college major (why did I keep changing it) every time things got hard, friendships, and even jobs.

    Reading became an essential tool for me, I would read and study up on women and even religious stories became a focal point for me. Simply because I wanted to know how do I build up the strength and courage to actually finish something in my life. If I didn’t solve this issue then, then I am more than sure I wouldn’t be where I am now today. Marriage would be a fairytale even motherhood would be a distant wish rather than a beautiful reality right now. Studying other women and their stories, reading about the things that they had to endure made my issues seem so minute and made me want to stick a bit. I started to encourage myself, read a quote everyday, inspire myself to conquer one thing that day that I was afraid of, and even give myself a task to complete every week. Sometimes even now I find myself doing this, trying to give myself something to finish by the end of the week to make sure I still have it in me.

    If you notice the image that I have captured here is the roman numeral seven, why……….Because it is the number that represents completion also because its my favorite number.

    Completion is a goal, but we hope it is never the end. – Sarah Lewis-


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