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  • Expect Your Win!

    Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full VICTORY!

    -Mahatma Ghandi-

    So I was having a few thoughts this week on how some people truly feel like they are already doomed or destined to lose. Now granted there are some situations that can truly get you down, but do those small situations really determine how great or bright your future will be?

    I’ve definitely been there before and sometimes it still gets a bit rough. Such as this week, I’ve decided that I’m going back to school to attain my degree. Lot of work huh, but I was so excited and ready to take it on. So since November I have really been trying to get everything done so that I would be enrolled on time and ready to go. Well of course nothing goes as planned, so here we go. I have been on the phone with these people now for two weeks straight, trying to figure out what the problem is, why am I not in classes, why is my last name not changed, and why I have no financial aid.

    Now, of course everyone is sending me everywhere, but the right place…..so I decided to go up there and see what difference my presence could make. I go up to the school one day and speak with a few people only to find out that I can only speak to the registrar, who is not in today and I would need to wait and call her tomorrow. Well I call her the next day and never get a call back, so I blew her phone up, to no avail. Therefore I went up there again and what do you know I find out that the entire time I never even needed to speak with her, but needed to speak with my advisor. So I finally speak with my advisor who is a 61 year old woman who decided to come back to school and get her masters degree.

    I am listening to her story and it is so very remarkable to me. She starts to tell me that I am too late to register, but she will see what the dean of that department says. Well the dean is next door and I am told to step into his office. Man when I tell y’all God was moving in that office, the dean instructed her to see what she could do and just get me registered. She made a few calls and got me registered as a full time student. Now that is not the end of my story, once they finally get me signed up for classes, then they have to send the paperwork up to the registrar so that she can register me.

    Guys, she gets me registered for three, but tells me I can’t take the other class because I have not met the requirements. At this point I am just feeling like all odds are against me and school probably isn’t for me this semester. I make some more calls to my advisor who tells me that this situation is no longer in her hands, but that she is going to try and make another call anyway. She makes the other call and I am not sure what she did or who she has spoken with, but I am now a full time student. Granted I am still waiting on financial aid and my last name hasn’t been changed, but I am in classes. Doing and turning in assignments, Thank You Lord!

    Though that is not all that has happened with me trying to get in school again, my point is, when all of the odds are against you in any situation EXPECT THE WIN! It may not look that great at the beginning of the fight, but if its in His Will for your life IT WILL HAPPEN! There are so many reasons to feel like because nothing is working in your favor that you will never see the light or experience the win, but believe me when I tell you, IT IS COMING! Don’t get down on yourself and let nothing overcome you, for the end is in your hands!

    It’s never close, but that doesn’t mean it’s very far. Fight and believe, but also allow faith to carry you to your winning destiny.




    1. Ashleigh Williams
      February 5, 2019 / 3:48 pm

      Awesome!!! Congratulations…God is amazing ❤️

      • styledbyjai
        February 6, 2019 / 10:44 pm

        Thanks Pearls!!!!

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