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  • Falling into Place!

    Embrace your placement. We can’t always choose what season of life we’re in, but we can determine what we do while we’re there.


    After the wind stops blowing, the leaves began to fall and remain still, in a place on the ground to be picked up and torn apart or to be captured in its beauty by a camera or used as a prop by the person behind the camera. Have you ever taken the time to notice that? While outside the other day, I began thinking about how this can possibly apply to life.

    Once everything in my life began to settle, after the health issues, the harsh realities, and after the enjoyment of new beginnings, I had time to sit and think about me and where I was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Here I am in a new home, I’m healthy, and my marriage is in a pretty good place. Everything I wanted was finally beginning to manifest and I began to bask in the ambiance of wholeness.

    God, honestly took me on a rollercoaster ride for the past five years and that season seemed like it would never change. I began to doubt myself as a wife, a mom, and a woman period. I wanted to make and create my place in the world, feel like I had a reason here and not feel sorry for myself. It took a while for me to get to point where I would realize that God was changing me and preparing me for what life was going to be from that point on. That even through sickness, weakness, and disagreements, he remained steadfast and faithful in my life.

    Sometimes in the midst of a windstorm it’s hard for you to find your value or to see what your beauty looks like behind the glass. It hit me like a ton of bricks in that moment by the tree where the leaves had fallen, that my place in this world had come and I had the opportunity to now be picked up and used to create a beautiful photo. This part of my story would be remembered, but now it would be remembered as a part of my growth and captured in the light or beauty rather than turmoil. I’d gone through the season of being picked up and damaged by sickness and doubt. But now, I was being picked up and God was now showing me my place.

    My story may not be like anyone else’s, but my post today is simply encourage. Your life may not be what you want it to be right now, but your greater is coming. The wind is going to cease and when it does, appreciate and reflect on where you are right now in this moment. But, also remember where you came from and what it took for you to get here. My story will always be encouragement enough for me and I will forever be thankful for God finally allowing me to fall into the place he had for me in this life. A place of comfort, peace, and gratitude.

    No one can tell my story like me and no one will ever appreciate where it brought me like I will.



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