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  • Good Gossip

    Good Gossip

    Soooooooo let’s just say I had an awesome birthday week. Everything that happened this year was completely and totally unexpected, I mean all of it was a surprise. From the awesome dinner I had on Wednesday night at Steak48 (with this fabulous guy I know), which I must say was amazingly delicious, the surprise celebration that was given on Saturday night at the bowling alley, to the great lunch at one of my favorite seafood restaurants on yesterday. I thank everyone that thought of and celebrated with me, but most of all the person that put it all together………my hubby. When I say amazing, beautiful, kind, generous, thoughtful, and one of the greatest men ever created, that is definitely what I mean, not only that, when I say he spoils me…..he spoils the crap out of me. I thank you my love and appreciate all your kindness and love shown. Now to get to the other great things happening this weekend and the great sales I have found. Look below and you will find a list of some of the stores that I frequently shop in and some of the great sales that are being offered.

    Nordstrom (Anniversary sale)

    *Sale ends on Aug. 6th

    Old Navy

    *50% off all Kids and Baby Items

    *Women’s sale clothing has been updated and up to 50% off

    *All cardmembers receive an additional 40% off at the register

    Bath and Body Works

    *10 Handsoaps for $30

    *5 for $23 Wallflowers


    *$10 off $49

    *$20 off $99

    *$50 off $199


    *All jeans 30% off

    *All Portofinos $25

    *Rolled Sleeve Tees $20

    *Additional 50% off Clearance Items


    Those are just a few, but some of my favorites, go and take advantage. Now I have a gift that I would like to give out to my readers and supporters. Because I am so grateful for all of the love and support that I receive from all of you guys, I would like to give back. So I have my Q&A section where I ask you all to either email, DM, or comment with your questions, comments, or fashion inquiries, so what I am going to do is offer gifts to the first 3 people who participates in that section of my blog. I will be sending out an email or DM to inform my readers of the gift or discount given. Please participate you all and remember that I am so grateful and appreciative of your love and support.


    Gratitude turns what we have into more than enough.




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    1. Brenda Williams
      July 24, 2017 / 9:41 pm

      Awesome,it’s always encouraging to others and a great reminder to be grateful for every blessing the Lord allows to come our way

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