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  • Hats Off Edition 1!

    Hey squad!

    I get sooooo many questions as far as my hats are concerned, so I’ve decided to attempt this Hats Off Sunday thing! What this entails is as follows (lol). I will find different hats that I like, love, and possibly own and I will link them. I love hats so this is really becoming my thing, doesn’t mean I will have them on with every outfit, but I will have them on with most

    So on Sundays (I will try to make this an every Sunday thing), I am going to post a few outfit inspiration pics that include all types of hats. Won’t always be top /fedora hats, but it will be all types. Throughout the week I will check out and find new hats and have or want to have and create a shop my post list. I may try a different vendor every week, but that’s a hard try!

    In this post I have a few of my pics, just to show styling. Some of these hats are available and if they are then I will link them, but if not I will do my best to find something similar.

    Be mindful that there aren’t any rules on wearing hats. But, what I will say is that a hat can make the simplest of outfits POP! This weeks picks will come from Amazon. I must say this came a complete shock for me, because I ¬†honestly didn’t think Amazon had it in em. But, to my surprise, Amazon, really does have everything. ¬†I only listed a few this week, and these are some that I’ve just ordered. Let me know if y’all like this type of post, so that I can post more or actually follow through on the statement made above.



    Tip your hat to those worth speaking to, but take off your hat for those worth respecting!



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