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  • Honesty Hour

    Honesty Hour

    Soooooo ladies,

    Its been a while huh, yes it has. I have been so lazy and trying to regain all of my energy and find the ME time, I once had. I’ve received a few calls, emails, and questions in regard to certain situations and how they should be handled in my opinion. So let’s get started.

    Hey girl, I read your blog faithfully and I honestly think its so inspiring and powerful. I’m in a relationship, that I have actually been in for a while, but for some reason I don’t feel like a priority. I am not sure what my next step is, because I truly love him and know that I am supposed to be with him. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? 

    • Hey girl!!!! Thank you so much for reading my blog also I count it such a blessing to be able to help anyone in any way possible!!! NOW (lol) I was once in a “situationship” where I felt I wasn’t important. I felt that everyone and everything always came before me. I was willing and ready to drop any and everything whenever if he needed me, but I didn’t feel as though that feeling was ever reciprocated. I felt the need to have a conversation about it first, now when I have a conversation, I am a three strikes person and if it happens again, I am done. Basically, I left and once I was gone is when he says he noticed how much I meant to him and how he wanted to fix it. I would suggest that you have the conversation and move forward from there. I am not saying the three strike thing is the way to go, that’s just the way that I handle all of my situations. TALK ABOUT IT FIRST.

    I just started reading your blog and I kind of fell in love with it. You are truly an inspiration to all women out there and you are so REAL. Your story really helps out a lot and I am so glad and thankful that you actually include your experiences and make it so personal. 

    • Thank you Thank you Thank you so much. I truly appreciate you taking out the time to read my blog and even consider my thoughts, that within itself makes me smile and want to keep going. I don’t feel as though me doing this would be beneficial to anyone if I can’t be myself.

    I follow you on Instagram and of course I read your blog and I looooooooooove your style. I have an upcoming business party coming up and I would like to know if you have any suggestions at all on what you think I should wear.

    • Thank you very much. Below I have listed a few items that I would possibly wear to a business event, I hope it helps.
    • This jumpsuit is really cute to me and is also very flexible and can be worn many places.
    • This jumpsuit is one that I actually just purchased and can’t wait to wear it.
    • Last one,  don’t ask me why, but right now I am really in a jumpsuit feel and that’s basically what I have listed. Hope this helps!!!

    What made you want to tell things about your personal life? In school, you seemed to be very private and stand offish, what brought about the change? 

    • Lol, you are not the first person to say or ask me this. At times, I am still really stand offish and private, but I am truly trying to understand and embrace my purpose in this life. If that means I have to share what I’ve gone through to do so, then so be it. Not to mention, it is way more comfortable behind a screen. lol

    I am currently in the dating process and marriage is my goal, but it gets very confusing at times as far as how I am supposed to know which one is the one. How did you go about this process? 

    • First, I would like to say, I never really looked at marriage as a goal or even an accomplishment. I was the type of person that only had friends and didn’t really want a relationship. I would just go out and if I liked the person then I continued to go out with them, if not then I would just tell them or distance myself. The one thing that I always kept it mind is WHEN A MAN FINDS A WIFE, HE FINDS A GOOD THING. By saying that I am not trying to be judgmental or anything like that, I am only saying because I constantly kept that in mind I was never on the hunt for anything, it just kind of happened and when it did, I was comfortable and it just flowed.

    My mom and some family members have always told me that I was pretty, but I never really had the confidence to back that up. How did you become so confident and what steps did it take? 

    • Well, I wasn’t always as confident as I SEEM today. My parents always told me I was beautiful and one of the prettiest girls in the world, but somehow going to school or around other girls, I didn’t feel that way. I just began to coach myself and read articles on internal beauty and how it makes the outward appearance shine and look way better than it appears. At this point in my life, I am more confident than I have ever been and that is simply because I SAY I AM!!!! You are as beautiful as you think you are!!!

    Well ladies and gents,

    That’s all I have for today, and I truly hope that I was able to help.

    Quote of the week:

    Flaws are only broken stones that are meant to build a house, but its normally us that use those stones for other reasons. You choose whether your stones are meant to build or to throw!





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