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        Ok, So let me just start by saying this birthday was far from …
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    I had a grand realization this week while talking to my friend. It was something …
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          Yooooo! Soooo this week I did a lil something different! This week is all about …
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  • Honesty Hour

    Honesty Hour

    I use to not forgive certain people years ago. I never knew how angry I was, until my own brother had to sit me down and say ask me. Simone when are you going to stop throwing your life away being angry at everyone else for hurting you? When are you going to live.. from that point on it hit me. Was I truly living ?

    First of all, hey girl!!!!!!

    Once I looked at my life and realized how many people I really didn’t like including family, I was so worn out. It takes way more energy to be mad than it does to just not care at all. I believe that we are all living, but if and when your bearing a lot of weight then your not living to your full potential or to the fullest. Do your part and always be yourself instead of mentally allowing anyone or anything hold you back.


    I have been reading your blog since you started it and I am so in love and so far it has truly helped me, what inspired you and you dress so cute and classy!

    Thank you Thank you so much!!!!!

    I have always I thought at least had so much to say in regard to certain things and so many questions to ask, but I am not really an open person. Not to mention I am not really a talker in person if I am not comfortable with you, but I wanted an open forum and I wanted to share and get opinions, I also really really really love clothes and the statement I feel your personal style makes, so that is why I started my blog because I felt I could do both!!!


    Have you always cared so much about your appearance and the way you dress? 

    I do care more now than I ever have, so in a way yes I have always cared, but it has grown over the years.




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