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  • I love LOVING ME!

    Self love is the greatest middle finger of all time!


    So this past weekend I was at a family gathering when a young (IMMATURE) boy walked up to me and said he wanted to ask me a question. I said ok, what’s up. You would never believe what his next words were to me. And I quote “How did you go from being super skinny after you had Bailyr to being this big again?” I said, what do you mean this big? He said, “Your big….like fat….again!” Now I’m an adult compared to him but he is now a legal adult as well, but when I tell you it took everything in me to refrain from getting very upset and telling him completely off. As hard as it was, I did it. My response, “Is that all you can think to say to me? Not that your opinion matters because I have a whole husband, who makes sure he lets me know how beautiful I am everyday!” After that he just walked away.

    The reason I am bringing this up ladies is simply because that situation could have gone a lot differently. I am a true believer in self love, but I also know that self love is a gift and not something that everyone has received yet. Now let’s just say that I didn’t have self love and I was in a stage of depression in regard to my weight when this statement was made. I could have caused a lot of mayhem at this family function or it could’ve even caused some type of self infliction depending on my position in self image.

    I wish I could just speak a word and we would all know what we are and how beautiful we all are. Women are God’s gift to the earth and the fact that he would give us such a title is a blessing within itself. I have seen women of all sizes, color, shape, culture, and form and I truly love and respect them all. You are truly a reflection of what’s on the inside and if everyone could learn that Earth would bear a different aroma. Allow yourself to embrace (YOURSELF) the gift that God has entitled you to be, and just watch how much your mind changes about other situations around you! And in all honesty if God gave you this title, thennnnnnn that means to others you are special because you are a grand presentation to them as well.

    Forget what he said, forget what she said, forget what they called you, forget what the world says beautiful is. Embrace the specialized features and characteristics that God gave you. Embrace the size and shape that he blessed you with. Embrace the spirit that shines from within. Take in what’s in the mirror and notate that we are all made in his image. The one thing that you hate about yourself, could be the very feature that he possess. I love and support all ladies. We, together and separately create a beautiful piece of art. YOU LOOK GREAT DOLL! The opinion of others really don’t matter at all, werk with what you got and make the best of it!

    There’s only one YOU and you only get one chance to make her life GREAT, so give it your best shot!



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    1. LeMesa Warfield
      April 17, 2019 / 2:17 pm

      I really needed to read this! As I am a plus size woman and so many times I find myself feeling bad because I am not as slim as others. Society and social media will have you thinking that you’re not “it” if you’re not skinny. I had to learn to love “ALL” of me! Good read Britt!

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