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  • Inspiration vs. Competition

    Why can’t the woman that we admire be our inspiration? Why can’t she be the one, that gives us that little push that we need?


    There’s always competition in the world, but you don’t have to be enemies. You can empower each other.

    -Justine Skye-


    So we all have a dream, something we want to do and the one thing we feel that we can do better than anyone else has ever done it, right? Well I believe that’s a good thing, to dream big and be your biggest supporter, but in thinking this or should I say knowing this about ourselves, why can’t we find that one person that has already reached goals in the same field that are far past amazing. Someone that is still working to reach higher goals and not to mention doing great at the stage he/she’s in right now. Have you never found it amazing that when your elders tell you about yourself they always tell you how much better than the next person you can be, how great your work is in comparison to others? I have always thought of that, like why and what if my work isn’t half of what the other persons is, what if I fail you by not reaching those goals or not reaching the standards that you’ve set for me?

    I have learned to look at others in my field or that’s practicing or already working in the field of my dreams as inspiration. I look at them and even if they have never met me, they may never know, but sometimes they’re my mentor. I love fashion and everything that it represents, but I know that what I do now and my style now did come to me as my own, but I am also inspired by looks in the magazine and even other bloggers/influencers. In order to truly reach a goal you have to know the roots of your dreams and where they could’ve became a thought for the person before you. The person that brought it to the forefront, the person that made it a possibility.

    Is it all really a competition? Is it always about how much better than he/she you are or could be?


    Supporting another’s success won’t ever dampen yours.


    I am a very big believer in support and being there. Especially when it comes to women and people of my race. Now don’t get me wrong I support EVERYONE that I believe in, but as much as we may not want to say there is a piece of us that always wants to see our race become everything that they say we can’t, stand together like they say we won’t, and be the person that no one can imagine. I have a slew of people in my life that are from different backgrounds, races, cultures, and beliefs, but one thing that I have always stood on is, if I believe in it and like it then I will definitely support it. Even for those people that may do the same thing that I do or want to do. If your good at your work then that’s just it, your good at your work. I don’t think that anyone being good at something will ever stop me from being good at that same thing.

    Especially in the world of fashion and blogging. I don’t feel that this arena will ever be to full, simply because we all have different minds, we all believe different things, we all have different styles, and lastly we all communicate differently. Just because you talk about or dress differently from me doesn’t mean that you can’t teach me anything. There is always something for you to learn that can possibly make you better. There are so many bloggers and fashionista’s out there that I feel can teach me so much, I have bought so many of their blogging guides and read so many of their articles its ridiculous. I do it all in the mind though that one day I may have to tell someone this, how can this make me better, and lastly can I use this to inspire the next person. Learning is a lifetime thing, its something that you can never put a cap on. Always be a supporter and not a HATER.

    Believe in you and never compare your status to another!

    One of the keys in this business that I’m diving into is, making sure that you have your own style. In order for me to truly start my blog and possibly try to build my brand, I had to research me. What does Jai like, what is her style, how does she write, what does she like to write about. Things like that help me to figure out what I wanted to do and what I what type of influencer I wanted to be. In doing that I learned that I don’t always want to talk about fashion, but I want to look good while inspiring other women. Inspiring women on how to do things differently, how to stand on top without stepping on others, on how to be everything that God has for you to be and how to be proud of your name. Leaving a legacy for my child is one of my main goals right now, being something and someone that he can be proud of. Being a wife that my hubby still loves and is interested in years later.

    Create your own signature!!! This is important because you have to know that every time you may possibly read the blog or see the outfit that your unknowing mentor has, YOU DON’T COPY IT!! Instead use it as exactly what’s stated and that’s inspiration. Anytime you feel inspired by something or someone give credit where credit is due, let them know that your in love with their work and how much you admire them. Ask for help, if you feel that they are good at it, then ask them…..how did they reach their goal, how did they get started, and what steps you could possibly take to get a move on. But first research yourself and create your own signature. That way when someone sees an outfit or hears a quote they will possibly be able to say, I know Jai did that lol.

    Goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.

    -Marshall Field-

    Below you will find a list of a few of my fave fashionita’s and bloggers.

    1. highlowluxxe
    2. mystyleconception
    3. siddyinthesity
    4. randomandchic

    Go see these ladies on IG and truly enjoy!!!!

    To support what and who you like is to stand in your own glory and show your lack of selfishness, but your need to learn and your love for what you do!!!





    1. August 14, 2018 / 2:21 am

      I’m truly humble that I’ve inspired you. Always collobration over competition. Btw, our elders are wise, and often they know what they are talking about – but that’s another topic. Lol.

      All the best on your journey and remember be true to YOU and the rest will come naturally.

      • styledbyjai
        August 14, 2018 / 3:37 am

        Thank you so much for reading and better yet your thoughts. Elders are something else, but most of their words did contain a lot of wisdom. lol!!!

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