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  • Just Because Fits!!

    So I have been asked a few times what would I wear to a wedding, well I just went to a beachfront wedding for one of my family/friends and trying to find something to wear wasn’t hard nor expensive. 

    Here I am wearing a set from Target, cost me less than forty dollars.  These pants were so comfortable and flowy. This kimono top was the same, felt so nice and thin. I am so in love with the flexibility of this outfit as well as the comfort. The shoe that I am wearing was surprisingly very comfortable throughout the entire night. I am truly so very happy for my friend Mrs. Flournoy and her spouse and I wish you guys nothing but pure happiness. I was also so very comfortable and truly able to celebrate with them.


    Now I was also just recently asked what would I wear on a casual date (lol) and it just so happens I recently had a causal outing. I decided on this night to go for a very comfortable and casual look because I knew that there would be a lot of walking and bar hopping, so being cute was a priority, but comfortably cute was the goal. 

    Here I am wearing my favorite tops and I am more than sure that I will be seen in it plenty of times in the future. (lol) So don’t judge me. Now my pants I purchased from Zara last season, but of course its not hard at all to find straight leg trousers anywhere. My boots as well as my clutch were both purchased at Aldo last year. Now although they aren’t the exact same, but I found a pair that I love and that’s very similar.

    While to be appeasing in his eyes is important, make sure your first beautiful in your own.




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