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  • Make Your Black Stand OUT!!

    Make Your Black Stand OUT!!

    A combative person I am, that is something that I know about me, depending on the topic or reason behind my reaction. Some things tend to really rub me the wrong way and can truly change my opinion about the person at hand. One of those things being race. I am a very loving person and I was taught that people are people regardless of where they come from or what they look like,  but in the midst of being taught that I was also taught the struggle and things that my culture had to go through in order to get where we are today. At times I must say it doesn’t always seem like much has died or even evolved based on the opinions and actions of some. The reason this topic is even being brought to surface is because, I was talking to an associate and in the midst of the conversation I was asked why did I name my son Bailyr. Now this isn’t a problem at all, I am asked that all the time actually, but the problem came in with her following statement, “You gave him a white name with a black and ghetto spelling.” Now my first intent was to go off or simply remove myself from her presence, but I sat there and chuckled and this began a very long conversation between the two of us.

    What is a white name?

    I am very confused by the whole white name thing, what is that, what makes a name white, and how do you categorize a name by race? I am not sure about most people at all, but for me personally, a name is a name and if its something that you just so happen to like then hey, its your kid, sooooooo enjoy! This topic though, did make me think about the fact that over time, every prestige or successful sounding (I guess) name I have heard has always been referred to as white. That baffles me, in all honesty I do feel as though at times other races are offered better opportunities than the black culture, but we as a culture at times also hinder ourselves. When I named my child, I considered his future, getting a job, and when he stands in front of the crowd that he just so happens to be an example to, I want them to be able to pronounce and remember his name. Those were my only thoughts, it wasn’t, let me give him a name popular among the white culture because then he will be accepted more than the normal. That is not always true, because you can have a “WHITE NAME” on an application and when the resume is being reviewed that doesn’t always mean an offer will be made, you still have the interview and contrary to most and what they believe……….that plays a VERY big part. So my baby does not have a white name, he has a name and in order for that name to be classified, the owner must first create the classification and he will help you determine what type of name he has.

    Bailyr: admirable and adorable (smart and athletic)

    Urban Dictionary: A really sweet and adorable guy. Usually has light brown hair and eyes similar to small partial-eclipses with most of the iris blue (the sky) and gold rays (sun) surrounding the pupil (moon). Extremely smart and well behaved typically. religious. Always gets straight A’s and is somewhat of a teacher’s per. Usually very athletic playing multiple sports; football, basketball, track, etc. Most girls do not notice the appeal of this guy when first meeting him, but after becoming friends they swoon at the mention of his name.

    I am a true believer of “you start your baby off and help determine what his ending will be”, and in all honesty, in my mind, that began with his name.



    Why does white have to be the model for black people’s aspirations?

    Often times I hear so many comments as far as great things are concerned being referred to as “White”. What’s crazy is a majority of the time that I hear it, its from the African American culture. We as people create our own destiny, I do believe that at times due to us being black we are held back and even held to lower standards, but in all honesty its up to us to change that. We create so many barriers for ourselves, but because we are so focused on what another race is doing or how another race is damaging our culture we don’t see the hurt that we are sometimes causing ourselves. Now by no means am I stating that we are not considered the minority or racially discriminated against because we are, but I also believe in us standing TOGETHER and making a difference within ourselves first. Most of the things that we believe are goals and aspirations are always referred to as “White” or something out of our reach, which is crazy. In the black community we have so many great successful people, some that have made more history and money than anyone of any race. So why is it that when we refer to a goal or something great, it can’t be just a simply goal. We have had a black president and that within itself is a GREAT accomplishment, but yet and still I have heard people say, “You think you white, because you have this or that”. No I think I’m black and trying to get where my African American leaders have gone and possibly further. Stop limiting yourselves to what another race has done and create your own goals and follow in the footsteps of the leaders that have laid a great foundation.



    To be BLACK is a great accomplishment within itself and should be more appreciated than it has. I am proud of my heritage, and have learned to embrace the culture of others and learn what I can from them in order to better the culture that I call my OWN.




    1. October 31, 2017 / 3:23 pm

      Good read. Definitely agree that African Americans can limit ourselves by our own mindset as well as the external obstacles we face.

    2. Tyler
      December 23, 2017 / 1:37 am

      Love! I think I’ll wear this ensemble to work tomorrow 😉

      • styledbyjai
        December 23, 2017 / 5:31 am

        Please do and send me a pic!!!

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