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  • Motivational Monday!

    With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts!

    -Eleanor Roosevelt-


    Today is a day to correct all of last weeks wrong’s and bring about a new ending. I woke up this morning feeling so motivated and ready to get this week going. This is honestly the attitude that we should have everyday truthfully. If you think about it, it would make our days go a lot smoother.

    I really hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I hope that over the weekend you had the opportunity to retain a new spirit of calm, peace, and gratefulness. Believe me all of these words are words that I try to tell myself everyday. So this is not only to encourage you all, but also myself.

    This weeks goals will be to gain, make, and bring peace! Let’s first start with making light of small situations. Making sure that our environment keeps the right energy and that we don’t place ourselves in bad or messy situations. Allow yourself the time to breathe and get away for at least fifteen to twenty mins a day just to regather your thoughts and stay on this new journey!

    I would like to encourage all of you to stick to the path that you promised yourself at the beginning of the year and if you haven’t been able to, its never too late to start over. Hell, I’ve been saying I was going to lose 15-20 pounds since January and here we are lol. So let’s start this week off right and start our journey!

    This day is good to start things over, make the bad good again, and turn the old into new! Allow peace to be your light and keep positive vibes only!



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