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  • My Fight!

    Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors!

    -African Proverb-

    Since 2015, I have been battling epilepsy. I have told this story once before and I informed you guys of how much of a struggle it has been. How much it altered my life, how much I hated it, and of course, how much I wanted it to go away. I also stated that I was willing to go through this if it meant that in some way, form, or fashion, God would get any type of glory out of it and I could possibly help someone else.

    Now, for the longest I kept this to myself and I struggled in the light of only my close family. I felt as though it was shameful and very embarrassing. Which is crazy, because it’s nothing I can control, and once I realized that, I put it all in God’s hands. And since I’ve done that, I have witnessed major results.

    So let me tell you! When the seizures first started happening, I began to seek help. I mean from holistic healing, natural healing, to then the best neurologist in Houston. The first doctor that I seen completely counted out what I told him I thought it was, but was quick to put me on meds. I believed at the time that he knew what he was talking about therefore, I took them. I was also placed on birth control to see if that would help. Where the seizures didn’t come as often, they were still coming. Now, though not as often, harder when they did come.

    At this point I became very stressed out and was beginning to feel hopeless. I was having a talk with John one day and we decided that it would be best if maybe I considered looking for a new doctor. So at the end of last year, I found a new neurologist. She wasn’t considered one of the best, but for some reason I was intrigued and wanted to give her a try.

    When I went in to see her, she actually listened and told me that she believed my logic was true. She also told me that she would run more tests and make sure that there were no underlying issues. So after the tests were taken and the results were in, I of course was beyond nervous. I just knew that bad news was upon me and there would be some huge diagnoses that I wouldn’t be able to handle.

    When I arrived at her office (John had to work, so I took my mother) she was very calm and also told me to calm down. My test results came back normal and I was ok. She told me that she would give me a new medicine, but not to worry because she believes that the seizures would go away on their own. She suggested that I take the pills for a while and sometime afterwards we try to ween me off. The biggest thing for me was that, she encouraged me and told me that by faith she believed they would go away eventually.

    So here we are today, and I have been taking the meds for approximately four months now and I have been seizure free. I am in true belief that God sent me to her and worked through her. Although I know that he could take them away without meds or any other medicinal remedy, I also know that he’s GOD and there has to be something that he wants me to get out of this.

    This post is to inform you all and rejoice in my victory with this battle, but also to encourage you. There is nothing in this world that you can’t survive and God will always lead you in the right direction, if you allow him to. Also, know that you are never alone and someone is always able to identify with your situation. Not only identify, but also be able to assist in some way. I am here and willing to help with anything that I can, so feel free to contact me!

    You are only as healed as you allow your heart to believe, but the foundation of your belief must be in the hands of the creator of all things.



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    1. Phylicia
      May 22, 2019 / 6:14 pm

      Look at God! ♡♡♡ keep fighting

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