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  • New Reality!

    Leaving your home and returning safely is such an underrated blessing.


    The known is that yesterday was such a life altering day. The unknown is why? Of course we know that we will never know or understand God’s plan, but at times it really makes you wonder what the hell and why the hell is he doing what he’s doing. From the happenings of last year and this new happening yesterday, it seems as though he is removing some of his greatest creations and it’s hurting so many people. So the main question for me is why take them? Why take the lives you created to make great impacts on the world?

    The one thing I do know is, when I became a mother and a wife it truly made me think of things in life differently. I cannot imagine or even fathom the feeling that Lauren London or Vanessa Bryant are currently having to face. The loss that they are suffering is massive and they will one day soon be known as the greatest examples of women who triumph massive destruction. I am already learning a lot from their personal experiences. It is making me realize that petty arguments aren’t worth not talking for days or even allowing the other party to leave without words because of a disagreement.

    I am learning that peace in my home is very important. I am learning that teaching my child that small things are never meant to become big. So don’t indulge so much into how you feel, but take the feelings of the other party into account. It is teaching me that the door in my home should never open and close without I love you, peace and prayer. Making my home a place that my family loves to be in and wants to be apart of is very important to me.

    So, in parting I would like to say that I truly feel for these powerful women. My condolences are definitely with them, but most importantly my prayers are with and for you. I pray that in this time you find a place of peace in knowing that your love was wrapped around your loved ones. I pray that the example that your have been and are becoming is recognized and not taken for granted. I pray your strength and courage in raising your children to know that their fathers were great men!

    I love you is lightly stated and used at times as a way of saying that TODAY I am happy and you haven’t upset met yet, but it should be used at all times. Make it heart felt and allow the true meaning to dwell in your heart! Don’t take for granted the things and people in your life that truly matter.



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