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  • No Parking!

                 “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal. “



    The time is slowly approaching and one of my long-time goals will finally be an accomplishment. Since high school my parents have kind of hinted toward me going to college and actually finishing. Well-being immature, I of course went to college, well a few of them and still didn’t get my degree. The last school that I attended prior to moving back to Houston was UTSA. I would never say going there was a mistake simply because although I didn’t come back with a degree, I did come back with a husband. Crazy, my parents always joke about that. Anyway, back on track lol. I moved back home from San Antonio and I began to work in corporate America. Now, we all know once you start working and you’re making a good amount of money and growth is an option, then going back to school isn’t an option or at least it’s on the back burner.

    Well that was the case for me. I wasn’t really concerned with school at that time. I had my associate degree and I was working a good job and I was actually ok with that. But there seemed to be times when I would think about school and having a bachelor’s degree. Especially when John had his hanging up in the house. I couldn’t let him outdo me lol. So finally, we had a talk and he told me that he could handle and keep up our current lifestyle and I should make it a priority to finish school and pursue my dreams in fashion. I am at times a procrastinator and consistency is a weakness of mine. I will get distracted with anything that seems to be bringing money in and that is something that I had to work on.

    Well at some point I decided to take the school thing serious. I started my blog and I decided to finish school in my spare time. I wasn’t doing anything else and I would be able to finish at an HBCU (where I started). So, I enrolled, I felt so old and ridiculous. In my mind all I could think about was “Girl, you should’ve done this with people your age, when you were supposed to.” I had to change my mind frame and get to what I came there for. Needless to say, I am now in my senior year with one semester to go. I completed Summer I and Summer II with a GPA of 3.8. Clearly, I did better as a mature adult than I did as a young whipper snapper. I am so pleased with what I have accomplished and what lies ahead.

    The NO PARKING title is simply because I didn’t, and I don’t want any of you to give up. Just because the opportunity once presented itself doesn’t mean that it won’t come around again. Never give up on the things that are important to you. I am a lead by example type of person. I don’t feel that I would truly be able to encourage or instruct my son to do something if I haven’t done it myself. So of course, as many parents would say, my kiddo is a major part of my drive. Now, my bachelors are my goal and I will not be attending school anymore. But I am so grateful to God for allowing me the opportunity to complete school and actually do it beyond minimal standards. So, don’t give up and make sure you have people in your life that will hold you accountable. I have a grand support system and I am truly grateful for them.

    Your goals are important to you and that should be your driving force.



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