• Fashion
    Hey!!! It’s another Thursday and of course this week I have looked at a …
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  • Life
    Hey!!! This week I’ve been having feelings of gratefulness and fulfillment simply because God …
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  • About
      Hey! It’s that time again and I have found some really cute stuff …
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  • Fashion
          Hey!   Who doesn’t love a good sale right? I have …
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  • Faith/Fear/Fruition

    Faith: the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Faith is something that I truly had to learn, in order to learn I had to study and in order to conquer I had to face some true opposition. This thing we live called life is never easy, its actually one of the hardest things to have to experience. We… View Post


    Completion: the act or process of finishing something. So growing up I had this really bad habit of starting things, but never really finishing them. I’m talking physical things, college majors, projects, and relationships. I had an unknown issue with commitment. Due to this issue I was never really able to complete anything. It took me a very long time,… View Post

    Woman II Woman

      “Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size”.  – Maya Angelou- The definition of true beauty has lost its meaning, and how its viewed is far off and completely different than what it once was. Beauty was once represented by the story of her life, the fairytale in her… View Post

    The Introduction

      Hi, It has taken me forever and several days to actually start/launch this website, but when I say that I am more than ecstatic. I am so excited to be starting a communication line that I can share with others. I am a fashion enthusiast and a young lady that just so happens to love life and living it.… View Post

    Jauntily Jaided

    Hi, My name is Jai and it is a complete joy to know that you have come to visit me, let alone read about me. I am completely in love with fashion and everything that comes with being a woman. I love to inspire other women and motivate any and everyone that I can. This blog has been started to… View Post

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