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  • RAIN’s true Meaning!

    Without rain, there is no life.

    -Jerry Yang-

    Normally, when the rain comes, the thought of a ruined day comes forward. Instantly all the plans that were made prior to this horrible weather are now cancelled and work is now a mere thought. Is it not amazing to anyone but me, how one weather change can effect the force of one day that can possibly change your life. Why do we allow the rain to stop so much in our lives? Not thinking of rain in only a literal sense, but also using it as a synonym for the times in our lives that seem to change all of our plans. The times that seem to place us in the most gloomiest state of mind. We never think of the purity that the rain holds. What I mean is, as a woman, we normally wear no makeup and our hair is not done, when its raining, but this is the time when anyone can possibly catch us in our PUREST form. So, that being said, what positive and purity can we possibly find in such gloomy weather?


    The first letter in the word rain is R. Now this letter is the beginning of so many other words, but the one that comes to mind the most when thinking about this topic is RESTORATION. During, this time we can watch and prepare ourselves for restoration. You can now take the time to relax and see what’s really happening in your life, and those things that seem broken can now be restored. The key in restoration, is you must first be ready to change the things that are broken. You have to put forth the effort, that being relationships, life, careers, and even dreams. Maybe somewhere in the rain you lost one of your most prized possessions, or you possibly dropped it and was torn into so many different pieces. Now, is the time to find that piece of yourself that seemed to be lost or broken forever and restore it to its original form. Even if the original doesn’t seem to be all that great, you now have the time to pray and ask God to restore you, but get you back to the you that he had in mind!


    When thinking of the letter A, there are so many thoughts that come to mind for me. But, the one with the most meaning when considering the topic at hand is ACCEPTANCE. Accept, is to take something in that the state that it’s in now. No alterations and no clean ups, just take it as is, and once its been received then you make all the necessary changes. By saying this, what I mean is take the time to assess your life, and see them in a positive light. Accept all that is happening right now, and then make all the changes that you see are needed. In order to make a change, you first have to accept the things have taken place. Whether they be positive or negative, at this point, it’s the state that you’re in, but now that you’ve realized it, it’s up to you to change it.


    This is simple to me, there is no word greater than the letter itself. Take time to focus on yourself. No work, chore, or deed can be done, unless you have first taken care of I. Make yourself a priority, release all stress, drama, and problems of others and only concern yourself with YOU. This a moment in your life, where God is offering you the time to be at peace. Clear your mind and embrace only the positive thoughts and things of peace in your life. No one else is important at this time, but what you want and who you want to be should be the center of your thoughts at this time. It is impossible to please others, if YOU’RE not pleased with yourself. That sometimes means that you need time to take care of YOU!


    Since, we have now relaxed, accepted, and given thought to our wants and needs, the time is NOW! What you want in your life is important, but why do we always push it off? The time is NOW. Don’t push off what is important to you, instead, push yourself towards your goal. The weather is most times used as an excuse for us to be lazy. When in all honesty, this is the time when so many great things can be brought into fruition. I have a lot of things that I want to do, and this past weekend has proven to me that some of my best work is and can be done in the RAIN. So change your mind and make those rainy days, some of your most productive days!

    For a time of rain, can be a time of clarity, a time of restoration, and a time for God to wash out all the impurities (dirt) and clean up your mess.



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