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    Hey!!! It’s another Thursday and of course this week I have looked at a …
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    Hey!!! This week I’ve been having feelings of gratefulness and fulfillment simply because God …
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      Hey! It’s that time again and I have found some really cute stuff …
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    This has been a crazy week, but a week for change in my life. I haven’t been wearing the clothes that I really love, because of course I’m waiting on somewhere to go. Well it doesn’t seem that our current situation will be changing anytime soon, so I figured I would get dressed for pics. My pics may seem a bit repetitive considering my backgrounds, but a lot of the places that I normally shoot at have been closed. Once they reopen I will be shooting again, but until then I will be in the neighborhood.





    I received so many messages, comments, and questions in regard to my outfits this week. So I’ve decided to make a weekly post granting quick and easy access to my outfits and even some of my faves. Let me know what you guys think and if that makes it easier for you to shop my looks. Also if there is anything else that you would like to see, comment and let me know.



    Live life for you and dress up because you feel like it!




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