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  • Single as a Dolla Bill

    You’d be surprised how fast things happen when the right man comes along. 

    -Danielle Steel- 


    I receive so many calls, messages, and requests for information on dating. First off, I have no idea why, because I wasn’t good at it at all. The most popular question is always about my own personal love story and what I did to meet John and how was my dating journey. It’s so crazy because, hell I don’t know and I really don’t remember. I didn’t pray the Ciara prayer or anything like that, it just kind of happen. It happened so fast it caught me by surprise. So the other day a young lady asked me about my single life and how she should go about it, so hopefully she will meet the right guy. Well, let’s just start off by saying, I am going to be very raw and honest in this post and this is simply my opinion. It’s not written in a golden book or rules for everyone to follow, it’s simply based on my journey.

    Prior to meeting John, I was in a relationship that I’d been in for years and we were cool, but we both knew that our time had come to an end. At that point I vowed that I wouldn’t allow myself to be tied down by a title anymore until I was married. I felt like titles were boundaries and any time I feel limited I test the limits or I cross the line. It didn’t matter who I hurt in that process I just had to test it out. I knew I didn’t want to hurt anyone else therefore I wouldn’t commit to any title. I was free as a bird and just living my life. But, its crazy, I am a guys girl, meaning I get along better with guys than I do with females. My humor is sometimes very dry and a lot of females that I come in contact with can’t always take my humor or my sometimes harsh response.

    So I was always around guys and for some reason the ones that I was closest to would end up liking me and it would start something that I knew I wasn’t ready for. So I had a bit of an entanglement, but I didn’t have a title. Somehow that worked for me, now I did make mistakes and hurt people that meant a lot to me, but I had to follow my heart. So I stayed true to my promise and I didn’t accept a title until I was a fiancé. When John asked me to be his girlfriend, my response was I would rather vibe it out and see where that takes us. It wasn’t easy and I didn’t know if he would just disappear or not, but that was what would work for me. Luckily, he stuck around and dealt with my crazy. And that turned into three years of vibing and in January it will be seven years of marriage.

    My advice to all single women would be to follow your heart and stay true to what works for you. I never said a prayer requesting a man. To be honest marriage was never a goal of mine and I felt that I would be content being alone and moving how I wanted. John came by surprise and he turned out to be everything that I never knew I needed. Wait for nothing ladies and allow your mind to lead the way until your heart says yes. I would also say, if marriage is your goal or something that you really want, tell God your requests, but make sure to include if it’s in his will. Then live….and what I mean by that is don’t dwell on being single, but have fun and live in the moment of your single life. Enjoy what is at the present time, because in God’s timing your guy will come and you won’t be prepared or expect who he is or what difference he will make in your life.

    Knowing me is important and getting to know me is fun, enjoy who you are and stick to your guns! The right guy will change your mind and God will create a path designed just for the two of you!



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