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  • Skin Care Results!

    Skin care is so much more important than makeup. Makeup is for when you’re having fun and going out. But your skin is forever.

    -Halima Aden-

    For the longest I struggled with my skin, and for a while my self esteem was very low due to it not reaching the standards of what pretty was for a girl in school. From elementary to high school I struggled with acne. I would have really bad outbreaks, but on a normal day, my skin still wasn’t perfectly clear. Once I started having cycles it only got worst. I was in a lose lose battle with beautiful skin and I couldn’t seem to find results for it no matter how hard I tried.

    Then, I heard of a product titled Murad, so out of disparity I tried it. I went on with the routine for about two months and found no results. My parents were so willing to help me and spend whatever was needed to help me with my skin issue. So when I stopped using it, of course my mother asked why, but she was willing to support whatever decision I made. After that, I tried ProActiv, I used this product for six months and still I wasn’t pleased with the results. So, at this point I just felt like I was wasting money and decided to give up.

    Even as an adult I couldn’t seem to settle with a skin care routine and I felt like nothing worked. I figured, this is my skin and I’m just going to have to learn to live with it. I started just using random products on the shelf and although they maintained my skin it still wasn’t good enough for me. But now, I have found a routine and product that I am truly in love with. As if by Nassif, has been a savior for me and my skin. The routine isn’t long and drawn out and I am very pleased with the results. Even my pores are shrinking.

    If you are finding yourself struggling with your skin, just give it a try. This product has given me something I never had and confidence in my skin that is overflowing. Radiance, natural glow, shrinkage of pores, and clear, these are the results that I am currently experiencing and I am loving it all.

    Beautify the one thing that people see first, shine inside and out.



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