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  • Smile Brilliant Results!

    A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

    -William Arthur Ward-

    So after almost two weeks of labor and processing, my journey is now complete. I have completed my trial run for Smile Brilliant. Whereas, I thought that this would be another gimmick and not work at all or in some kind of way break me out, I was truly in awe when I seen the results.

    Although, this is a routine that you have to plan for, I would say still go for it! I tried this and seen results after three days. The supply that is given when you purchase this product is amazing. I still have a bit left over. It will be used for special events (lol).

    I’d taken a break from the product for a total of three days, simply because I got lazy. But I also knew I had a wedding coming up. I began to use it five days before the wedding date and I received so many inquiries and compliments in regard to my smile.

    My smile has truly brightened and this is definitely a product that I would recommend to all of my followers and friends! If you’re looking for a brighter/whiter smile, then give Smile Brilliant a try. They are definitely worth the time and cost! If you are considering giving this treatment a try I have a little discount code for you! Go ahead and try it out, who doesn’t want whiter teeth?

    Giveaway link: www.smilebrilliant.com/g/jauntilyjaided 15% off store wide code: jauntilyjaided15

    Allow your smile to change the lighting in any room you step into.



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