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  • Smile Brilliant!

    Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.


    Taking a picture can sometimes seem very intimidating and can really intimidate many in various ways. I have listened to so many people give reasons for why they don’t like taking pictures or why they don’t like certain poses.

    Mine, is my smile. I am not a fan of my smile because my teeth aren’t as straight as I want it to be. Also because I tend to see everyone getting all this work done and their teeth are white and mine aren’t as white as I would like. So a majority of my pictures are taken with my mouth closed and never really a smile.

    That’s until, I found this amazing product Smile Brilliant. I wasn’t truly sold on it in the beginning, simply because I’d already tried other products that I thought were pointless and in the end changed nothing. When I was originally asked to try the product, I informed the sponsor that if it didn’t work I would not lie to my readers/followers. If it didn’t work I wouldn’t support it, regardless of benefits.

    So, nervously I gave it a try, and I can honestly say, I think it was well worth it. I began using this product on April 3rd of this year. At first, I felt like it would be too long of a process and I really wasn’t in the mood to add anything else to my night time routine. But, in all honesty it wasn’t very much. It is literally two steps.

    Please come along with me as I try to go down this road. Once my product is complete I will definitely give an update with where we are now and review of my results.

    Your smile is just as important as your greeting, so make sure it is the best!



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