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  • Style vs. Fashion

    Style vs. Fashion

    Fashion is a way to blend in, a way to keep up with what someone else says is current, something that is the same with everyone across the board. Personally I am not a fan of the word fashion, in my opinion it is a way of saying I wear clothes like everyone else. I wear what someone else tells is the “RIGHT NOW” , I follow the lead of someone else. Ok, it doesn’t really get that serious, but in all honesty I have never felt the need to give anyone else that much power over my choices. Wear what you want to wear, put the colors you like together, button your shirt how you feel like buttoning it, wear your skirt the way you like, and wear whatever type of pants that you want (whatever caught your eye this morning). Fashion is so typical, its so everybody, STAND OUT, never blend in.

    Style: its your own, your thoughts of what fashion is, how you take in what everyone else is saying is current, how you feel about clothes, and how you think certain items should be worn and put together. There are so many ways for us to communicate with the world, we just never take advantage of all ways possible. Style is one of those ways, you have to speak when you walk in a room and if your blending in then you will never make a difference.

    Allow me to slow down, style isn’t just about your take on clothes, but its also about your appearance as well. That goes for your hair, makeup, walk, talk, swag, and outfit. I only speak on the clothing part the most because I believe that is a great way to start, that’s what the people notice the most. There can be so many options in one outfit and so many ways that you can make it your own.

    The image that I have for this post is Prince, why did I choose him? I’m glad you asked, because he was confident. He never cared what other people thought about his wardrobe, how he wore it, or what it seemed to look like or be to others. He created his own appearance and when he walked out on a stage you not only knew it was him by his extremely great vocals, but you also knew it was him by the sparkle, color, or tone of his outfit. His style is something that will forever be remembered and repeated. No one will ever be able to master his style like he did, but there will and have been many to try.

    Style is forever it never fades, its something that stands out and something that people will be able to talk about for years to come. Create your style, Be Confident and STAND OUT!!!

    Fashions fade, but style is eternal.  -Yves Saint Laurent-


    Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak.  -Rachel Zoe-



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