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  • The Movement!

    God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, and coal into diamonds. All using time and pressure, therefore be patient, because he’s working on you too!

    -Rick Warren-

    Ok, so for the past few mornings I have been on some self inspirational stuff. What’s crazy is, with this stage that I’m in, I am in need of direction and encouragement. But, at times to ask for help or how to do something, seems to be very hard. It takes humility and the ability to take being ignored and possibly denied. I personally don’t like the feeling of either and I am so afraid to take that risk.

    But, God is so amazing, because for the past few days I have been so encouraged by the words and blogs of others. It’s like he had other women who have gone through the same struggles that I am currently going through to write about their experiences, simply to encourage me. Now, I am very well aware that when these ladies were writing these posts, I was the furthest thing from their minds. Hell, two of them don’t even know me, but I have definitely messaged them in appreciation.

    We as women need to make sure we always leave time to encourage one another and make sure that we are being that light as I have previously stated. I was so encouraged by these ladies that I am encouraging my readers to please go read and receive that same encouragement. What I will say is, these posts are mostly about taking risks and how far they’ve come business wise, but don’t just read what’s on the surface. Read and apply these words to whatever mountain is in your life right now, and take the necessary steps needed in order to climb it. (HMMMMM that sounds like a topic).

    Below you will find three different websites, please read, enjoy and let me know your thoughts. Let’s encourage and be there for one another ladies! There are a lot of women out there that I support that will never see me, follow me, or do the same things I do for them for me. But, I’ve learned that my good comes from the heart and I simply want to make sure that everyone gets a seat at the table! Be who you are without expecting a return and life will offer you things that others weren’t capable of! Read and be encouraged and allow the words of these powerful women to inspire you!!

    Meghan A.


    Jenee’ Marie


    Shayla Janel



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