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  • The Woman!

    Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.

    Proverbs 31:10

    A woman is a gift and something that should be cherished and handled with love and care. This is something that as women, we all know, but what a lot of us lack is the ability to stand in that and follow the entire scripture. I hear so many women quote Proverbs 31:10, but very rarely do I meet a woman that knows the remainder of it. I know very few women that actually exercise this scripture in their daily lives.

    There are so many things that we have to be careful of when trying to plead our wants to God in prayer. We pray for true love, a family, a home, a beautiful life, and someone who will want to spend a lifetime with us after we’ve exposed our true selves to them. But, is it really fair for us to pray for that, when in all honesty we haven’t done what is needed in order for God to bless us with these things?

    Such as, acting out of desperation and fighting so hard for the attention of people who were probably never meant to see you in the light you’re standing in. There is so much more to life than the fads of today. Women, it is time for us to stand up and create a light that all women will want to stand in. As of late, it seems as though so many of us are fighting for that one thing, “love”. But, so many aren’t practicing the things required in order for us to receive TRUE LOVE.

    We try to follow the paths of other women to see if that same path will get us what they have, and in all honesty, your story will always be different. So then we get to a point where we are devaluing ourselves just so we can say we’re in a relationship or we have a man. The market for a good woman right now, is low, but the value of her presence is HIGH!

    This is a time where we must all stand together and be willing encourage one another in this thing called life. No, our role isn’t always easy and at times it seems like way too much, but when you’re built to hold a house together, the road won’t always be easy. Simply because you have to learn how to weather the storm, how to stand in the midst of a fire, and how to allow the hail to possibly crack your windows, but never break them. Lastly, how to show your guests that all are welcome to come in and feel the sense of calm and teamwork.

    We have serious roles in the world and at times it seems like a lot of pressure, but its so worth it. Don’t allow yourselves to be placed on clearance, when you never allowed yourself to be available at God’s price. Stand in the purpose that God has set for you and stop trying to blend in with what today offers. If you stand still and listen long enough, the true you and what is meant for you will definitely show.

    A prized possession is normally kept in the back of the store and usually only brought out when the buyer is ready to purchase. Don’t be a product, for those are available to everyone, be a prized possession.



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