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    Hello my fellow beings, “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write …

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  • Hello my fellow beings,

    “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” 
    ― Brad Paisley

    Let me start off by first apologizing for a late start and also a blank last few months. It has been entirely too long since the last time that I’ve posted, but what I will say is that this year will bring about new things/changes. I have been on a bit of a hiatus because I have had so much going on in my personal life. The thing that I tended to forget is that as a blogger, it is what I’ve decided to share my struggles and expect encouragement and help from you all.

    I am very excited about what I know God will bring about in this new year. And I must also say that I am super excited about the change he’s going to bring about as far as my health is concerned. So first off, let’s keep that in mind and in your prayers as well.

    For this year I have plans to change my eating habits of course (lol). I plan every year to eat better and drop a few pounds, but instead I end up eating the same and if not maintaining the weight I started at, then of course gaining. Now that I want to improve this little health issue that I have run into, I feel like I am a bit more determined and maybe dedicated. Now that does not mean that I will not have days where I eat all of my faves, so please if you see me DO NOT KILL MY VIBE!

    Another thing I would like to work on this year is my saving habits. I have got to get to a point where saving is a necessity and something that I do because it is a must! There is a certain amount that I would like to have saved by the end of the year and I have determined that if it is not there by December 31st, then I am going to have to just go without for a while until I get it there. I have truly got to learn to save and STOP living in the moment.

    The last of my top three things would be me working more toward my goal as far as blogging and reaching other young women is concerned. I really want to get on top of blogging and reaching out. Not only because I feel like its something to bring in income, but also because I feel like its my calling. I have had so many young women to reach out to me for encouragement and help with building their self esteem and that means the world to me. Just to know that my work isn’t in vein, but it’s actually going toward the work that God could possibly have for me to do. I love young ladies because they truly are the future and in order for us to even look as though we have a bright one or one with any kind of hope we have to be willing to help and extend the hand needed.

    So ladies and gents if in any way form or fashion you all notice that I am or have fallen off, please feel free to contact (encourage) me. Because I am human, a mother, and a wife. And please believe me, those last two roles are my faves, but they take a lot of work.

    The day ahead is apart of what the year will be, so make sure the goals you set are attainable and can be managed on a daily basis.


    Love you guys!


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