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  • Today!

    Yesterday is HISTORY, tomorrow is a MYSTERY, but today is a GIFT, that’s why we call it the PRESENT!

    -A.A. Milne-

    Hello Everyone,

    Please pardon my absence on Monday, I had a dentist appointment and I HATE those! But that’s history, today I am feeling such a positive vibe. It just feels like so much joy, laughter, and love is in the air. Please make sure that you take advantage of the atmosphere and bask in the moment!

    Sometimes we get so consumed with our to do lists and making sure that our daily tasks are complete, that we forget about the things that could make it all go smoothly. That being peace and positivity. Focus on the things that make you happy and add no stress. Shine the light that someone else needs today!

    The responsibilities that have been granted to you are things that God knew you could handle. So today prove the naysayers wrong and walk in your light. Handling all of your tasks with a smile and in the most positive way that you know how. Keep your mind on the things you do have, because believe me there is someone out there wishing they had just half of your life.

    Allow today to be different, and help someone else. It doesn’t have to be monetarily, but just by extending a hand or piece of advice. Its a beautiful day and you are beautifully made. Enjoy that and accept your role! Let’s make TODAY GREAT!

    You will only experience today in its wholeness this one time, don’t make it a day that you will regret, but one you will forever remember!



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