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  • Toot Your Own Horn!

    Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you!


    Success can sometimes be and feel so hard to obtain. Especially when you feel like you’re in it and no one else knows how to keep you focused. This is why so many people tell the ones who are trying to start a business to stay off of social media. Because that can be your biggest discouragement, but you have to learn to look at things in a different light.

    Looking at others and their success can only be a downer if you’re not confident in yourself! Or even if you don’t really know what path you want to take, but you, at times have to learn to take the opposition as a tool. I found myself in a place where I would look at other people and wonder why my following didn’t go up as fast, or why my web subscriptions didn’t increase as good as the next persons.

    The thing that I had to learn is, there’s room in the game for everyone, not only that, but also the people that I follow are very encouraging and will give you the tools needed in order to succeed. I also had to look at the amount of effort I was putting into my work in comparison to the influencers whose success seemed instantly gained. Most times, you’re your own hold back. This world isn’t easy and the pill that was hardest to swallow for me, was that in the social media world you have to work ten times as hard because you’re doing it for yourself!

    An important piece of information in the game of entrepreneurship is you have to be your own motivation at times. Push yourself to do things that take you out of your comfort zone. Make the things that seem unattainable, attainable. Work hard and make the people notice you! This is the stage that I’m currently in and being my biggest fan has become a very important piece of my wanted success! I have quotes that I say to myself and inspirational sayings that I use on a daily. Also it can be as small as subscribing to your own website or liking your own pics and promoting yourself more than anyone else! Start with doing the work yourself and others will come!

    It will not always come as fast for you as it does for others, but the one thing that never fails in my experiences is, if I keep working hard at something and give it my all my dream and wants shall always come to pass! So take some time to evaluate yourself, figure out your goals, and PUT IN THE WORK! Its ok if it takes a minute, that only means your outcome may be greater! Stop holding yourself back and push yourself toward the goal that you really want to reach!

    Life offers you the ingredients for the bread you’re trying to make, its up to you to make the recipe!



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