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  • W. A. I. T.

    She is a wild tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.

    -John Mark Green-

    I am very big on all women knowing her true value, her understanding the difference she can make in the world, how she can change the aroma in any room, change the atmosphere in the universe. You control how people view you as well as how they will treat and handle you.


    Good or important enough to justify

    It is very important as a woman to know what she is truly giving in this world. To know what differences she can make just being present on Earth. To put it simply, with God we give life to other human beings, using nothing but our strength. We have the ability to raise children and maintain a family using all of our body parts and after going to sleep for less than 8 hours, we get up and do it all again. With all of this power that we have, you have to know that you are WORTH so much more than what is being given these days. You don’t have to settle for less, simply because you’re ready. Because you want what it seems everyone else has. Can’t understand why your being overlooked and no one is coming to claim you. The best things in life take the longest to manifest. Therefore although you may not have companionship yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t coming, but it means that your process is longer because the perfect man for you is still in his crafting phase.


    Something/Someone that one desires and has worked for

    You’re one of the most precious gifts God has ever placed on this planet and it’s going to take time for him to send the perfect companion for you. Prior to him sending anyone, he needs to make sure you know what your value is. You have to first get to know you and make sure you have reached the point of knowing that you don’t belong on a shelf because you don’t have a price. Yet you’re one of the gems kept in the back of the store that someone has to save up for. One of the gems that everyone can’t afford, but the person that can, will cherish you for life.


    Where this word has no straight forward definition it has so much meaning. At this very moment your life may not be at the stage that you desire, not where you want to be, but this life is a process. It takes time and nothing that’s right comes fast. We see people that date for maybe three months and decide at that point that they are for each other and get married. The thing that you don’t see, is the amount of horrible relationships they had to endure to get there, the hurt they’ve seen or been through, or the number of people that’s stepped on them and cared nothing about trying to attain them or giving them the true love they’re worth. So here and now make this process worth it and get to know yourself.


    Plan, schedule, or arrange when something should happen or be done

    When planning our lives, we as women have a certain age we want to have everything done by. We know at what age we want a car, house, husband and kids. By the time that age comes, if none of those things have been done or attained we go into a phase of disappointment. The mere fact that everyone around us seems to be getting what we planned for ourselves can be very devastating. The thing that we forget is each person on this Earth has their own set time for the things in our lives. That we in fact were never in control, but God is and only he knows when we are truly ready to love and appreciate what we have planned. Time is very precious and nothing to be wasted, but instead something to be cherished and respected. Give yourselves this gift and watch how life begins to flow oh so easily.

    Just a side note: Make him WAIT. Don’t put your all on the table before he’s invested something.

    W.(worth) A.(attaining) I.(in) T.(time)




    1. LeMesa Owolabi
      February 22, 2019 / 3:25 pm

      This is a great read! It really hit home for me! I was the one feeling like I wasn’t good enough, feeling like why are all my friends married but yet I still keep getting into bad relationship after bad relationship. I was at a low point in my life because of this. I finally had to shake back! After doing so I began to love myself, I found out exactly who I was, I became intimate with God. I told God all my secrets, wants, and needs. Nevertheless God blesses me with and amazing man who is now my husband. We’ve been married almost 6 months now. It took being alone to help me appreciate him more. Omg I could go on on about this but that’s it lol!

    2. Meka
      February 24, 2019 / 4:35 pm

      Story of my life…. this pretty much had me balling in tears my struggle on a daily.

      • styledbyjai
        February 25, 2019 / 5:48 am

        I am way more than happy that it can be a form of inspiration to you. We think these things so much, but just keep them to ourselves. Just have to find our voice so that we can help ourselves and prevent some of our younger women from making the same mistakes.

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