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  • What a Week!


    I moved in last Saturday (Aug. 22) and it has truly been a week. Let’s just start off by saying I HATE moving. I am a microwave person as I’ve stated before, but of course that’s not always possible in certain situations. When I moved in, I wanted it all set up and I wanted it to look and feel like a home ASAP. But, for the first few days it looked like a storage unit.


    It took me sometime to go through everything and to try and sort everything out, but I did it. It still doesn’t look like I would like for it to look, but it feels amazing. I am in love with the feeling of having my own home and being able to call it mine. Apartment or not, this is my HOME. God is AMAZING, and he nothing short of it. I have been praying and saying thank you all day everyday.







    I thought it would be a complicated move for Bailyr, considering he’s been in a home with my parents since he was born. But, he has adjusted very well. Hasn’t been too hard, considering my Mom has been here everyday lol. He loves having his own room and toys galore. We still have the issue of him crawling into our bed in the middle of the night, but he at least falls asleep in there. (if that counts for anything).



    I have somewhat completed my room. I have a few more pieces to get for the finishing touches, but I am pleased with how it looks so far. So I am going to do a post showing the progress and listing other things that I need to get. In that post I will have everything linked and you will be able to see everything and where I purchased my pieces.



    I am so grateful and thankful for this move and blessing in my life. Thank you guys for reading and sharing this journey with me. I will def keep you posted on what’s happening and the piece and furniture updates.











    God is amazing and he always has a blessing in store, but even in the midst of him trying to bless you he teaches you something as well. Patience is a virtue and this process has taught me a lot.




    1. Louis Miller
      August 31, 2020 / 5:54 pm

      Congrats, you all! I love the quote at the end. 2020 is surely showing us patience is truly needed.

    2. John Martin
      August 31, 2020 / 6:31 pm

      Congrats Jai! So proud of you and good things come to those that wait!

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