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  • Whose truth do you believe?

    If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance. 

    -Orville Wright-

    This quote really hit home for me, because so many times we believe the things that other people say or think in regard to our future or even present time. When I say other people, I am not talking about just random people, I am speaking of family, doctors, and even those that we call friends. I have come up with a few focal points that I feel can assist us all in growth.

    1. Is everything you hear really valid?

    – In fighting this battle with my health and even with just trying to build in terms of my future I have learned that the answer to this question is NO! The reason that I don’t apply the words of others to my life is because I don’t feel that everyone has my best interest at heart. In my life I have what you call a foundation and that foundation at times helps me or should I say play a part in some of the decisions I make, but not all. Sometimes the decisions should really be left up to you and your creator. No one ever honestly knows whats in your heart or what goals you really have. What you can and will believe about yourself is not the same for everyone. Now, I am not saying that everyone has it out for you, but what I am saying is you have to know your foundation as well as build the strength and trust you have for yourself. Reason being the words of others, their thoughts, or concerns for you aren’t always to build you up or to say the least positive.

    2. Reach for your goals and what really matters to you!

    -As I previously stated what you want or could be possibly dreaming isn’t going to be valid or relevant to everyone. Truth be told no one will ever really feel the same way you feel about your dreams or aspirations. The thing that I have learned in this lifetime is to make sure that my wants are relevant to me. In order for me to do that I have to first know what those are. You have to write those down and make sure you have some type of foundation for them. People keep opinions and they are always going to share them, but when you know that you know what you want and what you see for your future then you know what to apply and what to ignore! *No one will ever care about you like you*

    3. A mind or crowd of failure and negativity never prevails. Change your surroundings!

    -It is very important to know who and what you’re around. If your looking for positive outcomes then you must first allow positivity to rest, rule, and abide in your lifestyle. It can sometimes seem very complicated to always seek the positive in every situation. Please believe me, I understand this. Its sometimes very hard to see the positive in what can seem to be very negative. Lets just say your health. Or should I say my health, this is my biggest block right now and can seem to be the hardest thing to see any positive in when the educated one seems to have all the negative news. I hate being in a position where I don’t know what is going on around me and not being able to take care of my family. As far as I have heard, there is no cure and I should just be on meds that takes me out of normality and should be under constant supervision without the ability to ever drive again. But I REFUSE to believe that that is what MY GOD has for me! I have to believe that the author and finisher of my story has the power to change what is worldly believed! And in order for me to keep that mindset I had to change my surroundings and place myself around people that would believe the same things. I AM HEALED!!! If you don’t believe that with me then please don’t contact me or ask to hang!!!

    4. Believe in the impossible!

    -Sometimes our situation doesn’t always agree with what we want for an outcome! You’re probably going to get tired of me saying it but I will speak these things into existence! These seizures in my sleep will go away and I will be back to normal! This applies to a lot of things in my life, based on some information that I received from my doctor prior to Bailyr, it was believed that I wouldn’t get pregnant. Well needless to say Spud is here and I am definitely his mother! There are so many things that we are made to believe can’t and will never happen for us, but why? Do you believe it can happen? Do you want it? Believe that if you put in the effort and you carry the belief then you will definitely achieve it!

    Make yourselves happy guys and believe that any and everything you want is attainable! I support all of your dreams and I only ask for prayer and belief in return! Speak & do to make yourself happy not to impress others!

    Take advantage of the opportunity given, this thing called life is a great gift and you can only show appreciation by doing your best at it!!





      • styledbyjai
        December 7, 2018 / 7:30 pm

        Thank you sooooooo much!!!!

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