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  • Why Wait?

    Always show appreciation. What’s taken for granted will eventually be taken away. Then you end up missing most what you least appreciated.


    Yesterday I was browsing Instagram as usual and I seen a piece of news that I was never expecting and truthfully didn’t want to see. I always expected to see new updates and posts from this blogger because she was so amazing and her work was unable to be mocked or repeated. She was amazing in all sorts of the word and her spirit was just as beautiful as the pictures she took. I never had the chance to physically meet her, but I have had one conversation with her via IG and she was so thoughtful, helpful, and amazing. Her name is Kyrzayda Rodriguez, and she was very well known not only for impeccable fashion sense and style, but also her sweet and gentle spirit. I watched her and never thought that her Gastric Cancer would eventually take her life. I always in my mind knew that she would be a testimony on how to overcome a horrible disease. Clearly my God saw different and I never doubt his decisions. What I will say is that throughout her entire journey she stayed positive, of course going through things that normal human beings would go through after finding out such dreadful news. But she continued to work and she still some of the most beautiful pictures and maintained a positive attitude as well as her belief in God. 

    What I noticed most or should I say what was brought to my attention is how she was all over my timeline. So many people wanted to send their condolences and the positive rip sentiments. It truly made me think about the one time she made a post about the people that hadn’t tried to help or the ones that hadn’t reached out to her at all. I read a quote the other day “Dead people receive more flowers that the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.” As sad as it may be it seems to be so true. 

    My point in this post is, make sure you appreciate and show love to people while they are here. While all of the posts were very nice and kind, she can’t read them now and that’s not say it shouldn’t be done or it  wasn’t appreciated. My question is are you showing this same love during the span of their life. Are you living with no regrets towards the ones you love? 

    I want to encourage all of my followers to make sure you spill your heart to those whom you love, because it truly makes a difference. Not only in their lives, but also in yours. Then you will know you did and gave your best and that now they are in a better place knowing that you truly LOVED and CARED about them and it was genuine.

    Give me my flowers while I yet live.



    You were beautiful in every facet of the word and you touched lives in more than one way. I appreciate your kind words of wisdom, I never in a million years thought you would actually reply, but you did and it was the most memorable thing ever. Glad to have shared this experience and know that you are setting it off in Heaven.






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